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Season 1 Quarter Final Award Winners are:

Be Quiet - Gary Davies NZ
Darkness and Light - Alessia Ambrosini Italy
Entre Deux Feux - Mathieu Jobard France
Every 8th of December - A Perfect Recurrence Alessia Ambrosini Italy
First Time - Scotty Baker United States
Full Moon - John Vo, Ken Yoffe, Ellen Weisberg United States
Ink and Gold: An Artist's Journey to Olympic Glory - Zakea Page New Zealand
Meca - Ritchie Hemphill, Ryan Hache Canada
Mirrorty - Serkan Aktas Turkey
Modus Operandi: Brisbane's Ripper Suspect - David Hodkinson, Alice Walker Australia
On / Off - Nicolas P. Villarreal Argentina
Revolt - Sam Pay New Zealand
Just Like Water (Trailer) - Manos Triantafillakis Greece

Season 2 Quarter Final Award Winners are:

Midnight Ride - Alessandro Farrattini Pojani United Kingdom
Buona Notte, Mio Amore - Eva Teresa Fulco New Zealand
Living in Two - Neive Strang New Zealand
A Life on the Gorge River - Richard Tindiller France
Time Spent - Rob Daniel Hutt United Kingdom
Captain Brovary - Eduard Nechmohlod Ukraine
Yellow Dove Aftermath - Rony A Abovitz United States
The Fire - Roger Boyer Canada
Bringing Mere Home - Keeland Walker New Zealand
Not Served on a Plate - Bertrand Remaut New Zealand
Because I'm a Teine - Faasulu Fepuleai New Zealand

Season 3 Quarter Final Award Winners are:

Turn the Corner - Ned Brannigan New Zealand
NAHUAKAI'PO: Voyagers of the Night - United States
Himalya - Betsy Blasdale New Zealand
Umbra - Ricky Watson New Zealand
A Talk in the Park Canada
Death and Margaret - Sam Geri New Zealand
Death Drive - Rob Boyd Australia
White Lies - Greg Moran Australia
Ind and Gold - New Zealand

Season 4 Quarter Final Award Winners are:

For child never born - Afsaneh Aghanezhad, Vali Bagheri in Short Film - Iran
Twitch - Suden in New Zealand Short - New Zealand
Deer - Piotr Smolenski, Marcin Wójcik in Micro Short Film - Poland
Blue Cow - Tom Foy in Student Short - New Zealand
Mine Mine Mine - Duncan Ragg in Zero Budget Short - Australia
Departure - Takayuki Yoshikawa in Sci-Fi Short - Japan
Space Station Village - Yi-Feng Kao in Animation Short - Taiwan
EKBEH - Mariah Eli Hernandez-Fitch in Indigenous Nations - United States
Puissance Du Feu (Official Video) - Steve Mills in Music Short - Australia
Fight or Flight: Trailer - Michelle M. Cameron in Trailer - New Zealand
Fight or Flight - Michelle Mae Cameron in Director - New Zealand
Sidelined - Romain Fleury in Actor - France
The Reunion - Thomas Stewardson in Original Score - New Zealand
Galgenvogel (Gallows Bird) - Lucas Vossoughi in Poster - Austria