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Winners of the South Pacific Film Festival 2023

Title Poster Director Country Award for best: Running time Year Synopsis
A talk in the Park
Zach Marsh Canada Sound Design 0:13:13 2022 Two friends, John and Liam, reunite after having not seen one another for more than a year. As they catch up on a park bench, a personal tragedy is brought to light.
Because I’m a Teine
 Faasulu Fepuleai New Zealand Screenwriting and
0:13:50 2022 Helai is invited out to her friends party, but she must first get past the obstacle which is her strict mother. This short film focusses on the different treatments between a son and a daughter in a Polynesian household.
Buona Notte, Mio Amore
Eva Teresa Fulco New Zealand Student 0:15:18 2023 In 1945 Italy, Maria, a young local, and Rāwiri, a Māori Battalion solider, meet and quickly fall in love. Maria must wrestle with a life changing choice- should she leave everything she knows and start a new life in a strange land?
Captain Brovary
Eduard Nechmoh Ukraine Debut Filmmaker 0:17:49 2023 A group of documentarians is shooting a film about people's lives during the war in the city of Brovary (Kyiv region, Ukraine). Unexpectedly, they manage to shoot material about a real hero with super strength. His name is Captain Brovary, he is quite narcissistic, he is loved by all the local residents, but on the horizon appears a mysterious competitor for good deeds
Death and Margaret
Sam Geri New Zealand NZ short 0:10:30 2023 When Death arrives on the doorstep of an elderly seamstress, the two form an unlikely friendship as she teaches the reaper her craft.
Piotr Smolensk Poland Micro 0:03:00 2023 "Deer" follows a young man yearning for approval from a group of older hunters he admires. Eager to impress them, the boy joins them on a hunting expedition. When he successfully shoots a deer, it becomes a catalyst for the loss of his personal sensitivity.
Takayuki Yoshika Japan Sci-Fi 0:05:11 2023 A story set in a world where God has departed and only religion remains. A lonely robot is left behind in a closed, deserted old building. She longs to leave and explore the world outside, but her abilities are limited due to her immaturity, narrow field of vision, and difficulty in moving her body.
Fight or Flight
Michelle Mae Cameron New Zealand Director and
0:07:28 2023 A beautifully crafted, partly-animated doco series about resilience and anxiety, “Fight or Flight” interviewed 12 young people about their challenges with anxiety or depression.
Lucas Vossoughi Austria Poster

Betsy Blasdale New Zealand Music 0:04:27 2022 Himalaya is a track produced by Pōneke/Wellington based music producer, Nomadic. Nomadic is originally from the Netherlands, but grew up in Mohua/Golden Bay, Aotearoa. The music video is about tackling that mountain.
Ink and Gold
Zakea Page
Editing 0:15:50 2023 A young New Zealand artist and athlete wins the 2020 Youth Olympic Games medal design competition and fulfills a lifelong dream to perform at the opening ceremonies.
Ritchie Hemphill, Ryan Haché Canada Indigenous Nation 0:08:18 2021 Məca is a stop motion representation of the late Elder Ida Smith telling her grandson the 'Nakwax'daxw legend of the Mink. In this film Ida tells the story in the Bak̓wa̱mk̓ala language. Mink, or "Məca", is an impatient son of the Sun who is trying to force himself into being someone other than he is, so that he can impress love interests. Throughout his journey Məca will learn what it means to have humility, patience, and to be better at self acceptance.
mine mine mine
Duncan Ragg Australia Zero Budget 0:20:00 2023 A bed-bound man reflects on his childhood with Peter Pan, and how sometimes everyone grows up without you.
On /Off
Nicolas P. Villarrea Argentina Animation,
Cinematograhpy and
Original Score
0:07:06 2021 Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

Turn the Corner
Ned Brannigan New Zealand Documentary 0:10:22 2023 Suicide affects New Zealand's construction industry more than any other. Glen launches a campaign to rally his local community, one that doesn't involve fundraising. This campaign is about starting conversations.
White Lies
Greg Moran Australia Short 0:12:00 2022 When his well intentioned lies to get his daughter a scholarship escalate and spiral out of control Dave has to choose between having money and power, and being a good role model for his daughter.